Alissa R. (Mom of Lilly and Jacob)

Hi Carrie,

Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday characters for my twins birthdays on February 2nd and February 3rd. My daughter, Lilly, loved her princess party and was so excited when the princess arrived at our home. She was VERY patient and kind to the twenty girls at our house for the birthday party. The girls LOVED their face paintings and last week at preschool all the girls came up to me to say “I want the princess to come to my birthday party next year”. I forwarded your e-mail address to several moms’ at the preschool.

On Sunday at Jacob’s birthday celebration “Zippity” the clown was fabulous. Jacob is very shy and timid and wasn’t scared of Zippity at all. Zippity the clown did a wonderful magic show and was very sweet to all the boys when she face painted their individual faces. The other Moms and I were very impressed with her gentleness and kindness to the ten boys at our birthday party.

Once again thank you for making our twins individual birthday celebrations so special.

Warm Regards


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